Wilkins Alternatives

Power Systems Engineering

Dynamic Modeling and Characterization
Reactive Following
Balancing of Generation and Loads      

We develop solutions, systems and methods for providing generated power to a power grid subject to reactive power requirements.

See Application, 13/673185
US Patent,                 6924565
We provide power system engineering, including PSCAD dynamic modeling of electrical power systems including wind farms.
We work with industry to develop new and novel methods for balancing of generation and loads across RTO/ISO boundaries    
See Application, 13/780164


Dynamic Reactive



Not all Generator interconnection requirements are the same. We know this and can help you. "They" call the requirements a reactangle. That is interesting because most IAs have three dimensions.
Most wind plant developers purchased wind turbines that provide dynamic reactive support and do not use it to support the grid to the full potential. We can change that. 
The main power transformer is an essantial asset for your generation facility, and generally is not optimized for operation. Give us call we can tell you why.
We have worked to forward technology that makes a market for renewables. For more information see Application 13/780164