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Thomas Wilkins works as an electrical engineer in the wind turbine industry and focuses on interconnection related issues.

Thomas Wilkins in the past worked with Zond Energy Systems in the late 1990s and early 2000s and along with others worked to develop and implement ride-through and reactive power control technologies for wind turbine generators.

Around 2003, representatives on behalf of General Electric Company filed two "application for patent" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) without first noticing the listed inventor "Thomas Wilkins" they were filing.

Not found in the USPTO application record #10/350452 is an application data sheet(ADS), however what is found on the application record #10/350452 is an "application for patent" with title  "Low Voltage Ride Through For Wind Turbine Generators" which has the name "Thomas Wilkins" as a listed inventor. 

The application record indicates the name "Thomas Wilkins" was caused not be written upon the issued US Patent #6921985, which issued from the "application for patent". 

Around 2010, Thomas Wilkins was sued by General Electric Company concerning assignment of U.S Patent 6,921,985 and U.S Patent 6,924,565.   

At close of the action the court did not grant any of General Electric Company's claims and is found to dismiss the entire action with prejudice.

Thomas Wilkins still owns his rights to his technologies.

Please look up assignment of US Patent 6,924,565.

Please look up the record at the USPTO public pair, with control number 95/000580.

There are websites that may infer otherwise or indicate otherwise, whereas it is found as "rhetoric".  For more information, please contact Thomas Wilkins at email


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